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This course makes it possible to teach yourself the Gothic language without any required linguistic knowledge.

After each lesson you will be tested on the knowledge which you learned in the lessons, by going through this course you should be able to get a good knowledge of the language. The course slowly builds up to give an understanding of grammar and vocabulary in the Gothic language with tests to test your knowledge but also to train yourself in your skills, the tests can be taken infinitely.

In this course you will have access to all the lessons when you enroll, if you are finished with a lesson you can press “Complete this lesson” on the top right. If you are more proficient in Gothic and not at an absolute beginner level you can start with a higher lesson.

This course is constantly under construction.

An example of what a lesson looks like

An example of one of the tests

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Topics for this course

9 Lessons

The basics

Laiktjo 1 – Some word plurals
Laiktjo 2 – “Basics of the verb”
Laiktjo 1 and 2 Test
Laiktjo 3 – m. A stem words
Laiktjo 3/4 test 1
Laiktjo 4 – The verb
Laiktjo 3/4 Test 2
Laiktjo 5 – The other forms of the “m. A” stem words
Laiktjo 5 Test
Laiktjo 6 – The n. A declension
Laiktjo 6 Test
Laiktjo 7 – The strong verb 1
Laiktjo 7 Test
Laiktjo 8 – The dual
Laiktjo 8 Test
Laiktjo 9 – The f. O-stem noun
Laiktjo 9 – test

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