We, the Thiudans and people of New Visigothia, in order to restore the foundations of the Iberian and Visigoth culture, declare the founding of New Visigothia as a sovereign nation. We manifest New Visigothia as an independent nation in the world, with its own constitution and established government, with all the rights and responsibilities that such status carries.
As a sovereign nation, New Visigothia makes the following claims to international bodies and rights:
We recognize the territories of the ancient Visigoths as our cultural and religious homeland.
We recognize the modern political realities that make the restoration of such ancient lands to us impossible. Therefore we limit our active territorial claim to an amount of land at least equal to the land where it will be founded in the format of a Visigoth forum a capital for the administration of our culture. The exact location for this new governmental and spiritual capital Visigoda should be determined.
In addition, in order for our presence in the world to be established, New Visigothia claims that our physical territory is manifest in the places that our state, citizens, and religious organizations physically possess and occupy, and that New Visigothia can keep them in the world. These territories will exist in a status of Dual Sovereignty, being under the cultural and spiritual administration of New Visigothia, even as long as they remain under the rule and civil laws of other host nations. Our guarantee is to foster a benign and beneficial cultural and spiritual influence throughout all societies, being politically neutral in the remaining actions.
New Visigothia also claims temporary Dual Citizenship over all other places where the ancient gods are worshiped by our citizens as well as preserving our cultural and spiritual unity. This dual sovereignty will be administered by the people directly and will last only during the celebration of ceremonies and religious rites. In this way, we will remain a single culture and nation, even as we exist among the other countries of the world.
Citizenship in New Visigothia is open to people of all nationalities and all ethnicities. The express purpose of our nation is to promote international understanding and cooperation with the preservation of our common classical foundation, and to encourage new life and honor throughout Western civilization with the restoration of values, virtues and ancient civility.
We, the citizens and the Thiudans of New Visigothia hereby hereby formally renounce the use of force, rebellion, coercion, or intimidation in the pursuit of our status and international claims. We will strive to remain as a legal, calm and benign nation in accordance with the principles recognized and shared by the world community.
Signed this day on behalf of the Thiudans and people of New Visigothia:
Þiudans Jah Reiks Athanareiks